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Designed to accommodate a FRONT LOADING WASHING MACHINES, our stand allows for efficient DRYER placement on top, double your laundry space without compromising on floor area.

Why Choose Our Clothes Dryer Stand?

  • Universal Fit: With adjustable width and height across six (6) sizes, our stand is a versatile fit for a wide array of front-loading washing machines. Whether in a domestic laundry room or any other setting, our stand adapts to your needs.
  • Effortless Setup: Forget about the hassle of complicated assembly. Our stand is designed for easy installation, requiring minimal effort and no specialized tools. Get your laundry setup optimized quickly and without fuss.
  • Sturdy and Reliable: Crafted with durability in mind, our stand is built to support your laundry appliances securely, providing peace of mind and a stable foundation for your drying needs.


Product Feature Highlights

2 Year Warranty
Easy to Assemble
Laundry Space Saver

Why our customers love this product

For a small investment, the dryer stand offers protection for your laundry whitegoods plus many other benefits:

  • Designed with sustainability in mind. With this dryer stand you get more use from your existing space.
  • Can be used to hold conventional domestic vented dryers, heat pump, condenser and gas clothes dryers
  • Take anywhere! With it’s portable design, you can move it when you move premises. Great for renters.
  • Versatile. With it’s height adjustable feature, some of our customers have used the Dryer Stand with their mini-bar fridges on the bottom and dryer on top!
  • Adjustable feet for uneven floors
  • Anti-slip rubber surface on the shelf to decrease dryer movement when in operation
  • Easy to assemble. All the tools required (Allen key, Spanner, Nuts and Bolts) are included together with an easy to follow instruction sheet
  • Eliminates the need for drilling holes into thin walls, protecting the structural integrity of the home.
  • No need for brackets or additional wall reinforcements, and skilled tradespersons to install
  • Peace of mind 2 years Manufacturers Warranty

Designed for Front Loader Washing Machines Only (if you have a top loader washing machine, please see our original product, the Dryer Stand)
Certified to hold up to 100kg
Designed to hold conventional domestic vented dryers, heat pump, condenser and gas clothes dryers
Please see size illustration for height and width adjustments
Shipped in a flat pack box with net weight 20kg
Box size L650mm x H990mm x W95mm

3 reviews for Dryer Stand Maxi

  1. Jen

    Easy to assemble. Simple and sturdy. Fair price. Perfect if you’re renting a small place. Love it!

  2. J Ramas

    Perfect for a small laundry! My dryer used to be in my bathroom and finally it’s now in my laundry. I now have an organised laundry and a space for a nice towel rock in my bathroom. It’s secured! Trust me I hesitated too but it’s very stable. I’m actually buying another one for a gift to my messy but very dear friend.

  3. Daniel Lucas

    “OK purchased this because, my washing machine became faulty. After calling Samsung about the fault, They advised me that the warranty was voided, because I had a dryer on top.
    So after some research I found this product. So not only does it look good, It does the job. Amazing build quality and strength”

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Perfect Space Saver

No need for drilling holes into walls or installing brackets. Save the Headache.

Anti-Slip Rubber Shelf

Rubber will help decrease dryer vibration and movement when in operation.

Proudly Australian Designed & Owned.

Our Signature product has been selling for over 10 years and constantly refining.

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