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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Washing Machine Bases


Washing machines are a necessary household appliance, but they can be painful to lug around from one place to another. That’s why it’s so important to get a washing machine stand. 

These handy devices make it easy to move your washing machine from the kitchen to the laundry room, and they come with a host of benefits that make them worth your investment. 

Things To Consider When Buying a Washing Machine

1. Special Functions

When purchasing a washing machine, one of the things to consider is whether or not it has special functions. These special functions include large loads, quick cycles, and noise reduction. One benefit of having a washing machine with special functions is that it can save you time.

For example, if you have a large load that takes longer to wash than normal, a washing machine with quick cycles can help reduce the time it takes to wash the clothes. Additionally, some washing machines have special features which can make them more comfortable to use.

If you like to avoid loud noises while doing laundry, a washing machine with this feature may be perfect for you.

2. Drum Capacity

When it comes to buying a washing machine, one of the biggest things to consider is the drum capacity. Here are some reasons why a larger drum is important:

  • It can save you time: A large drum can do more in a single cycle than a smaller one, so it will take less time to wash all your clothes.
  • It can save you energy: A large drum uses less water and soap so you can save money on your utility bills.
  • It’s easier to fit larger items: If you have bulky items that won’t fit into a smaller washer, a large drum may be the best option.

3. Energy And Performance Ratings

When buying a washing machine, something else to consider is its energy and performance ratings. This is because these ratings can tell you a lot about the machine, its benefits, and how it will perform. So what are energy and performance ratings, and what do they mean?

Energy consumption and performance are two important factors to consider when buying any appliance. An appliance’s energy consumption tells you how much electricity it uses per cycle. And an appliance’s performance tells you how quickly it completes a cycle—whether it spins faster or slower.

The higher an appliance’s energy rating is, the less electricity it will use in each cycle. That means your utility bill will likely be lower if you buy an appliance with a high energy rating.

4. Noise Level

Noise level is one of the things to consider when buying a washing machine. There are many reasons to want a low noise level. Some people find it stressful to live in a noisy environment. Others just don’t like being bothered by loud sounds all the time.

There are also many benefits to choosing a low-noise washing machine. It can be very helpful for people with hearing impairments or those living in extremely noisy environments. It can also be advantageous for families with small children, as they won’t have to listen to constant shouting from the other rooms.

So, if you’re looking for a quiet washing machine, be sure to take noise level into account when shopping. There are plenty of great machines on the market that won’t make much noise at all!

Benefits of a Washing Machine Base

1. Organised Laundry Area

If you’re looking for a way to declutter your home and make your life easier, consider purchasing a washing machine with a built-in base. Not only will this amenity save you time and energy, but it can also be one of the benefits of buying a washing machine base.

If everything in your washer and dryer is segregated by type of garment, like whites on one side and colours on the other, it’ll take less time to get everything washed and dried. This is especially helpful if you have a large family or lots of dirty clothes to clean at once.

2. Movable

When buying a washing machine, one of the key factors to consider is where it will be installed. If you have a large family or a large home, then a front-load washer and dryer might be ideal for you. However, if you only have one or two bathrooms and bedrooms, a top-loading washer and dryer could be the better option.

One benefit of choosing a washing machine base that can move is that it can be placed in more convenient locations. For example, if you have a smaller home but want to wash your clothes in all the rooms, a movable washing machine base could be perfect for you.

Additionally, if you move often or your living space changes frequently, having a washing machine that can easily move from one room to another can save you time and money. 

3. Secured, And Dedicated Stand

If you are looking for a secure, and dedicated stand to keep your washing machine upright, a base may be the answer for you. Buying a washing machine base can provide many benefits, including:

  • Secure footing: A washing machine base typically has a secure footing to keep it from moving. This is especially important if you have an older machine that may not handle being moved around easily.
  • Increased stability: A stable base also means your machine will not move around while it is in use, which can reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Easier storage: A washing machine base offers an easy way to store your machine when it’s not in use. This is especially helpful if you have limited space.

4. Flexible

Do you always have time to wash your clothes by hand? Do you dread the thought of long laundry lists and piles of dirty clothes in your home? If so, a washing machine base might be the solution for you. A washing machine base offers many benefits over traditional washers, including flexibility. Here are two reasons why you should consider buying one:

  • You can use a washing machine base in any room in your home. Unlike regular washers, which require a specific space in your home allocated for them, a washing machine base can be placed anywhere. This means that it can be used in any room where water is available, whether it’s a kitchen or an office.

You can save time and energy by using a washing machine base. Traditional washers use a lot of water and energy to wash clothes.


In conclusion, DryerStands offers washing machine stands that make it easier to operate your washer and dryer. These stands can help reduce the strain on your back, neck, and arms. If you’re looking for a way to improve the operation of your washer and dryer, consider purchasing a DryerStands washing machine stand.


What is the purpose of a washing machine stand?

Having a stand for your washing machine allows you to move it quickly from place to place, prevents corrosion caused by water spills, and generally enhances the performance of your machine.

Is there a universal washer stand?

It is important to note that while some laundry pedestals may be universal in their design, they can differ in dimensions, colour/finish, weight limit, and feature offerings.

Is it possible to keep washing machines at a height?

Level floors are necessary for washing machines to remain steady during cycles. Stable washers don’t vibrate and don’t knock against walls or pound the floor as they knock against walls. This causes damage to the washer and to the room in which it’s located.

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